Role description

About the Chartered Teacher Programme

The Chartered College of Teaching aims to raise the status of the profession and support teachers to acquire the expertise necessary to maintain excellence in teaching and secure the best outcomes for children and young people. Our Chartered Teacher Programme, offering an accredited, career-long professional development pathway, is central to achieving this goal.

The Chartered Teacher Programme is the means through which teachers can obtain Chartered Teacher status. This recognises the knowledge, skills and behaviours of excellent teachers, highlighting the importance of teaching expertise in supporting the education and development of children and young people. It represents the first step in the development of a career pathway focused on effective classroom practice rather than leadership.

In order to complete the programme and achieve Chartered Teacher Status, participants will undertake a range of different assessments that allow them to showcase their knowledge and skills against the areas set out in the Chartered College’s Professional Principles. These include:

  • Rigorous written and oral assignments
  • Completion of a professional development plan
  • Participation in debate activities
  • A research-based improvement project
  • Submission of a portfolio of videos of practice and reflections

The Assessor Role

Assessors on the Chartered Teacher Programme will play a crucial role in ensuring the success of the programme by accurately assessing participant submissions against set criteria and providing high-quality feedback.

Assessors will be allocated participant submissions and asked to complete their marking and feedback within a two-week time frame. Assessors will complete the marking online and remotely, managing their own time.

In order to ensure consistency of assessing, a proportion of all assessments will be moderated. Assessors will be provided with feedback on the quality and accuracy of their marking and feedback throughout the process. In addition, the quality of marking and assessing will be overseen by the Chartered College’s Assessment Board, who will validate judgements made.

The responsibilities of the role are:

  • To complete all assessing within a two-week allocated time frame
  • To make fair and consistent judgements about the quality of participants’ submissions
  • To provide participants with clear, fair and high-quality feedback within a two-week allocated time frame
  • To raise any concerns about submissions with the Chartered College team in a timely manner
  • To use any feedback provided to improve the quality of assessments undertaken
  • To attend any training that the role may require (this will be held online)

Person Specification

  • Experience of conducting assessment of teachers
  • Experience of providing high-quality feedback to teachers
  • Understanding of the principles of high-quality assessment
  • Deep knowledge of a subject or area of specialism and related pedagogy
  • A strong understanding of areas within the Professional Principles of the Chartered College
  • A willingness to give feedback to the Chartered College to support the future development of the programme
  • Understanding of the research and evidence related to identifying and assessing effective teachers
  • Substantial teaching experience
  • Ability to manage own time and meet deadlines
  • A member of the Chartered College of Teaching, or willing to join


The Chartered College of Teaching will pay assessors £6.50, per set of materials assessed at each assessment point. There are four assessment points over the course of the programme, and the assessments included at each point are:

  1. July 2020: An online debate
  2. December 2020: A reflective journal and a video observation portfolio with accompanying evidence
  3. July 2021: Two reflective journals and a school-based improvement project portfolio
  4. A written and oral exam and an objective structured teaching exercise (OSTE)*

*Please note that these are booked by participants on an ongoing basis throughout Phases Two and Three of the programme.

For example, if an assessor marked three participants’ materials for all four assessment points, they would be paid £78.

The number of assessments that each assessor will undertake at each assessment point is dependent on: how many assessors are linked to a provider, the make-up of the cohort of the participants, the number of submissions for each assessment, the specialisms of the assessor; and the assessor’s capacity to undertake assessment. Therefore, at each assessment point, the Chartered College will provide an indication of the volume of work that you can expect.

Please note that, as we do offer extensions in exceptional circumstances, there will be times when an assessor may be approached to conduct an assessment outside of the timeframe specified above.

As no travel is required for this role, the assessor will not reimburse expenses.

How to Apply 

Please complete the application form here by Friday 20th March. The application form includes a CV and cover letter, where you should outline your suitability for the role.

Next Steps

We will shortlist for assessors during the week commencing 23rd March and successful applicants will be notified by the end of this week.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend online training delivered by the Chartered College of Teaching.

If you have any further questions please get in touch at