Recently West Lakes Academy was selected to participate in a nationwide “Improving Gender Balance” study for the Institute of Physics. The aim of the project is to improve the participation of girls in A-level physics and raise the attainment of boys. The need for the project arose when it was revealed that girls perform at least as well, if not better than, boys in physics and yet make up only 20% of the physics A-level cohort. It is hoped that this project will provide new teaching strategies for all subjects, not just physics and science, to achieve these goals.

The project is funded by the Department of Education, performed by the Institute of Physics and researched by UCL University. West Lakes Academy is now receiving bespoke support by a dedicated IOP coach and there are opportunities for the academy to develop CPD on Physics, Unconscious Bias and Extra Curricular activities for the pupils. It is hoped that West Lakes can become a local centre of excellence to provide CPD for other schools in the area. The programme will run over three years and we look forward to the results.

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