We recognise that strong leadership can have a huge impact on the outcomes for a school. We also recognise that middle leaders are the “engine room’ of any school and so developing these colleagues is of vital importance to the future of any organisation.

Our SSIF Middle Leader Programme is a one-year, tailored programme designed to develop a cohort of middle leaders from across a cluster of schools in West Cumbria, developed in conjunction with Ambition School Leadership.

Using diagnostic tools we were able to understand the development priorities for our cohort of middle leaders, and create programme goals for the course focused on pupil impact.

The programme consists six modules:

  • What makes an outstanding middle leader?
  • MBTI: Working as an effective middle leadership team
  • Creating a culture and climate for excellence
  • Motivating others
  • How to have the conversations you dread
  • Managing change

At the end of the programme we hope to have helped develop a group of leaders empowered to lead with confidence and skill within their departments or areas of responsibility.